Write Off Automation & Audit Tool for athenahealth Centricity®

Do you lack proper controls for monitoring non-contractual write offs / adjustments made to encounters within athenahealth (formerly GE) Centricity CPS? Ask yourselves these important questions:

1) Do we have proper separation of duties (for accounting purposes) between users requesting write offs / adjustments and users approving the write off / adjustment within athenahealth Centricity CPS?

2) Is our current process automated for requests and approvals?

3) Do we have controls in place to compare write off / adjustments within athenahealth Centricity CPS against transactions which were properly approved?

If your group is like most other groups, the approval process is a very manual process with very little documentation of the process residing within athenahealth Centricity CPS. You can no longer afford to run your practice with the “business as usual” approach. Take control of your write off / adjustment processes within athenahealth Centricity CPS.

Summit Software Technologies Write Off Automation and Auditing Solution enables athenahealth customers to create an automated approach to requesting and approving write offs / adjustments within athenahealth Centricity CPS.

Write Off Automation and Auditing provides detailed audit reporting of write offs / adjustments performed within athenahealth Centricity CPS without proper approval. Take action now to ensure all non-contractual write offs / adjustments created within athenahealth Centricity CPS have gone through the proper accounting controls.

How It Works

Request for Write off / Adjustment

User opens a ticket within athenahealth Centricity CPS and clicks on the Write-Off Request button

User completes the Write-Off Approval form and clicks Save to record the request

1) Select Source for Adjustment (Patient or Insurance)

2) Select Adjustment Type from drop down

3) Select write off amount

4) Note to indicate why write off is being requested

5) Route To – select Group or User (depending on system setup)

6) Save – click to save/route the request

7) Message will indicate user request has been sent

8) Working list of all Submitted (but not approved) and Rejected requests from past 30 days.

How It Works – Approve or Reject Write off / Adjustment Requests

Within Billing module, users / groups with security to approve requested write offs may click to view all requested write offs.

1) Select user/group drop down for routed requests

2) Click Reject to reject a request and enter a rejection reason

3) Multi-select all requests to be approved

4) Click Approve to approve all check marked selections.

Approved requests will be immediately posted back to Virence Centricity CPS

Rejected requests will be returned to the requestor’s worklist

Requests, Approvals, and Rejections will also appear in the Correspondence Notes on the ticket as well

Accepted and Processed Correspondence Notes

Rejected Request for Write Off / Adjustment

Auditing Results

Exception Report with Export – administrative users may run an exception report based on selection of from and thru date of transaction entry and multi-select of specific adjustment types to review. All adjustments written/adjusted off without going through the Write Off Automation and Auditing Tool (based on criteria selected) will appear when the report is generated.

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