Vital Works for athenahealth Centricity®

Vital Works is a utility which will allow users to place notifications within athenahealth (formerly GE) Centricity CPS. Two different forms of notifications may be created: 1) Clinical / Patient Care related notes (green boarder) and 2) General Office notes (blue boarder). Each type of Notification would be kept in a separate box.

When user creates a notification, they can select which modules to have banner appear in (Main Page, Scheduling, Registration, and/or Billing). Notifications can be created for a from/through date to display in the banner page.

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Clicking the ‘+’ sign will expand the box to display all messages

Vital Works Notification System will provide the following functionality:

1) Create notification messages; Priority messages will have a red font to indicate urgent/high priority

2) ‘+’ sign will indicate the window may be expanded to view entirety of notifications.

3) Select which CPS modules to display the messages in (Main Page, Patient Registration, Scheduling, and/or Billing)

4) Select the date from and through date to display banner messages

5) Module will show all active/scheduled banner messages

6) Option to view Expired/Inactive messages; function to re-display expired/inactive messages.

Other sample screen shots by module:

View from Patient Registration

View from Main Virence Centricity screen

View from Billing Module