Ticket Merger For Centricity® CPS / athenaPractice™


  • Quickly identify potential duplicate ticket encounters within athenaPractice / Centricity CPS.
  • Identifies the “Master” ticket to merge to (ticket associated to the appointment).
  • Efficiently merge duplicate tickets together (diagnosis, charges, and transactions).


Ticket Merger for athenaPractice / Centricity CPS provides an efficient process for users to identify potential duplicate tickets created within athenaPractice / Centricity CPS and easily merge the identified tickets together with just a couple of clicks.

Ticket Merger offers to ways for users to merge duplicate tickets within athenaPractice / Centricity CPS:


User can launch the Ticket Merger product with one of two buttons within the Billing module of athenaPractice / Centricity CPS:

Button will launch a page for the user to select the search criteria for identifying potential duplicate tickets. 

Match criteria can be customized by customer.  Default matching includes tickets for the same patient which also include the same Date of Service.  Based on the selected Search Criteria, Ticket Merger will return a list of all potential matches for review.

For each potential match, the user can click on View Details to compare the information between the duplicate tickets.

View Details Descriptions

IsMaster? – Indicates the Master ticket to merge the duplicate ticket to.  By default, if one of the tickets is associated to an appointment, Ticket Merger will automatically determine this ticket to be the master ticket to merge to.

Delete Child Tickets is an option to delete the tickets which will no longer be needed after the ticket merger process.

Ticket Number – Ticket number for each encounter

Visit Date – Date of Service on each ticket

Bill Status – Current Visit Status of each ticket

Patient ID – Patient ID on ticket

Patient – Patient name on ticket

Provider – the Responsible Provider on the ticket

Current Carrier – Current Insurance Carrier on the ticket

Case – Is the ticket associated to an open Case (Y=Yes; N=No)

Procedures – Listing of all procedures on the ticket

Diagnoses – Listing of all diagnosis on the ticket

Payments – Listing of all payments made on the ticket

Adjustments – Listing of all adjustments made on the ticket

Remove Match – Select this option when the tickets need to remain independent on each other.  This will also prevent the potential match from re-appearing on future searches with Ticket Merger.

Merge Tickets – Select this option to merge the child ticket to the master ticket.  During merger, Ticket Merger will remove the procedures and transactions from the child ticket and add the diagnosis (if not already present), procedures along with diagnosis association, payment(s), and adjustment(s) from the child to the master ticket.  Child ticket will also be changed to a Visit Status of Paid.

*Important Note – when payments and adjustments are moved from the child to the master, these transactions will continue to be associated to the same procedure codes as the child ticket.

Ticket Merger creates a notation in the Visit Description field on the child ticket indicating it has been merged to the master ticket.

This option (launched from Billing) will allow a user to view/merge tickets based on the billing line the user has selected:

User can decide which ticket is the Master ticket and which other tickets for the patient to merge/delete with the Master.