Telehealth For Centricity® CPS / athenaPractice™

Summit Software Technologies is now offering Centricity CPS / athenaPractice™ customers a HIPAA compliant telehealth product which can be launched directly from the Scheduling and Chart modules.  Launching telehealth directly from Centricity CPS / athenaPractice provides a much more efficient and integrated process for practices to provide telehealth services to its patients.

How It Works

User simply clicks on the Telehealth link within Scheduling or Chart, click the meeting invitation link (which sends an SMS and/or email link to the patient), wait for the patient to click the link, and click on the camera to start the telehealth session.

clicking this link will launch the user/provider directly to the Telehealth platform to initiate an invitation to the patient and provider to join the session with one click.

clicking this link will lauch a page for the user to select the appointment the telehealth session is associated with.  This provides the flexibilty for a nurse/medical assistant to initiate the invitation and identify the provider that should receive the invitation as well

The Telehealth link can also be launched from the Schedule.

Once the link is clicked, the patient information and user credentials are passed through (via secured https connection) to the telehealth platform for a session to be initiated

Clicking this icon will send an invitation via SMS and/or email to the patient.

The user will be asked to confirm sending the invitation to initiate the session.

The patient will receive the following invitation details (SMS and Email)

Optional feature depending on connection to Centricity / athenaPractice

Clicking this icon will allow the provider/user to join the web session sent to the patient.

Either the patient or user/provider has an option to end the video session.

Providers have the ability to launch the session from a URL sent to either the provider’s email address or cell (SMS message)

The Teleheatlh Configuration link is embedded in the Administration module of Centricity / athenaPractice.  This allows groups to control the method in which providers are notified to join a telehealth session, SMS message, email, or both.

Supported O/S Browser Combinations






Android (KitKat+)

iOS (11+)


macOS (X El Capitan)

Windows (7+)

Users launching Centricity CPS / athenaPractice™ from a Citrix session or Desktop session can utilize the local camera/microphone on the users computer for communication with the patient. Important – RDP sessions have limitations on the quality of audio/visual and users may want to consider email/SMS join notifications for providers versus launching from the RDP session

Internet Settings to Launch Chrome from Centricity CPS / athenaPractice™


Pricing Options

 1:1 video conferencing (provider to patient)

1:4 video conferencing (multi-team and patient)

Group video conferencing (up to 50 participants)

Recorded Sessions – Future Release