Schedule Tracker For Centricity® CPS / athenaPractice™

Easily monitor the status of every patient in your practice and improve practice performance.

Schedule Tracker is a web based utility (intranet) which interfaces to the athenahealth (formerly GE) Centricity appointments for the practice. Schedule Tracker allows users to quickly view the amount of time a patient has spent in a specific Appointment Status as well as the total length of time the patient has been in the facility.  Schedule Tracker allows users to click on a patient name and see a detailed breakdown of how much time a patient has spent in each Appointment Status during an encounter within the facility.

.Schedule Tracker allows practices to:

1) Monitor the amount of time patients spend in the office.

2) When a patient stays in a status too long, the line item will turn red to alert the user.

3) Easily detect those patients that have been in the office for an extended period of time.

4) Assists in improving patient satisfaction.

5) Identify potential bottlenecks in workflow processes.

6) Establish benchmark data by provider and appointment type.

7) Provide reporting data to third party payers.

Schedule Tracker data is stored within a custom table within the Virence Centricity database for ease of developing custom reporting.


Schedule Tracker allows users to view all appointments (from your Virence Centricity Schedule module).  The user has the ability to filter by any combination of Provider and Facility.  Schedule Tracker imports data directly from the Scheduling module of Virence Centricity real-time.  Patients who are in a specific status too long will turn colors (first row above is an example of a patient who has been in the Waiting Room too long).

Schedule Tracker provides the ability for the practice to import specific Appointment Statuses from Virence Centricity as well as create custom Statuses within Schedule Tracker.

Schedule Tracker allows the user to click on a specific patient and see the detailed information on how much time a patient has spent in each status during their visit.


Easily configure the starting and stopping points based on the Appointment Statuses for your group.

Easily configure the Appointment Statuses Schedule Tracker should use.

Define your own custom color alerts by Appointment Status

Reporting can be exported to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for further sorting and data analysis.