RVU Complete For Centricity® CPS / athenaPractice™

RVU Complete is an add-on solution which allows Centricity customers to track all RVU components related to a CPT code.  RVU Complete allows users to easily load all RVU components from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet directly into the RVU tables.  RVU Complete allows a customer to easily edit values loaded into the system.  Most importantly (for reporting purposes), RVU Complete retains all historical data on RVU components based on effective and expiration dates to ensure accurate reporting based on the CPT date of service billing data.

Easily upload RVU values by mapping values from a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet into corrresponding field values in RVU Complete.

Total RVU Facility and Non-Facility automatically calculate based on values loaded into the system.

 The “Select to use in RVU field” allows the user to determine which RVU value to load into the RVU field on the Procedure table within Centricity.



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Default reporting for Practice RVUs are as follows. If Place of Service = 11 (Office) the system will calculate claims data as Practice Non-Facility RVUs, all other Place of Service codes will be considered Practice RVUs.  This calculation can be customized per customer if necessary.