RecoverDOC For Centricity® CPS / athenaPractice™

Protect Your Business Against Potential System Failures

Do you have a plan in place which allows providers to continue seeing patients in the event a facility can no longer access athenahealth (formerly GE) Centricity due to a system failure?  Do you have specific patient clinical information at each location in the event of a system failure?

What is your technology exposure as it relates to patient safety and business loss exposure?  System outages and failures can and do occur.

RecoverDOC can complement your current IT disaster planning strategy for your group with the insurance needed to continue treating patients during a system outage.

RecoverDOC monitors schedules by facility.  Patients scheduled at each location will have a mini-chart on premises at each facility which allows providers the ability to continue seeing patients in the event of a system failure (ie Centricity is down or internet/network connectivity goes down).

One system failure can cost you many times more than the cost of RecoverDOC.  RecoverDOC provides peace of mind that in the event of a system failure, providers will have enough documentation on premises to continue treating scheduled patients.

How RecoverDOC Works

RecoverDOC creates mini-charts for patients based on scheduled patients for each facility for a defined number of days into the future.  The mini-charts for each facility are then stored on premises at each facility based on a defined shared file path to a specific computer/server onsite.  Mini-charts are saved in folders by date of service.

In the event of a system/network failure, each facility will then have access to the mini-charts for each patient scheduled for their location so providers can continue to treat patients and avoid rescheduling of patients.

How To Configure RecoverDOC

1) Select / Configure the database connection to Centricity2) Define the number of days of mini-charts to create based on appointment data by facility3) Define the time(s) the process should run to generate the mini-charts each day4) Define the shared file path by facility to save the mini-charts5) Save configuration selected6) Test will create a test run based on the current configuration.

1) Select the Document Types to include in the mini-chart. RecoverDOC will pull the most recent document for each document type selected. By default, the first page of each mini-chart will include a Patient Profile page which also includes the patient’s active medication, problem, and allergy list.2) Define the order in which documents will appear in the mini-chart.

1) Define additional external attachments to include in the mini-chart (if they exist for the patient)..

1)  Select A Facility2)  Select the User to receive notifications from RecoverDOC and click Add

RecoverDOC Directory Structure

Each time RecoverDOC runs, it will generate a separate folder within the saved file path for each appointment date.  Within each appointment date folder, each patient mini-chart will be listed based on the appointment time.  The file name will include the appointment time, patient name, and patient account number.  (sample screen shots below)