Patient Auto-Post For Centricity® CPS / athenaPractice™

Patient Auto-Post is an application designed to efficiently post bulk patient payments to athenahealth (formerly GE) Centricity CPS with just a few clicks of a button. Whether you enter the patient pay data (mailed in payments) directly into a spreadsheet or you receive a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet from your financial institution for payments made via a lockbox, Patient Auto-Post saves practices a tremendous amount of time.

Here is how Patient Auto-Post works:

1) Review spreadsheet for complete information (practice specific)

2) Input any missing information into the spreadsheet. The information that may be missing is the Account Number and Amount Due.

3) Once all info is on the spreadsheet, open the Auto Payment Posting program.

4) Select the Import File Type (multiple file types available) and browse to the location where the file(s) reside:

5) Once the program load the spreadsheet information, the information will populate on the main screen.

6) Click ‘Process’

7) When Process is completed an ‘Import is Complete’ message box will appear.

8) Click on ‘Exception Report’ – The program will find payments with ‘Overpaid’ status.

9) When the program imports the payments, it automatically creates a batch in Centricity. For example: AutoPaymentPost_(BankBatchNumber)_(BankDate)

10) Go into ‘Transaction Management’ and verify that each of your import batches total each of your lockbox deposit from the bank or spreadsheet created.