Multi-Visit Action For Centricity® CPS / athenaPractice™

Multi-Visit Actions allows users to update information on multiple visits for the same patient (as well as all patients assigned to the same guarantor) from one screen. Simply click on the Multi-Visit Actions button which is embedded at the bottom of the Visit Screen.

MVA allows Centricity CPS® users to select groups of visits based on any combination of the following criteria:

Visit Status (multi-select)

Visit Owner (multi-select)

Current Carrier (multi-select)

Current Insurance Carrier (multi-select)

Primary Insurance Carrier (multi-select)

Insurance Group (multi-select)

Facility (multi-select)

Company (multi-select)

Responsible Provider (multi-select)

Date of Service Range

Last Filed Date Range

Patient Balance Defined

Insurance Balance Defined


Patient First Name/Last Name

Patient ID

Guarantor First Name/Last Name

Guranator ID

Each search criteria includes a drop down menu to allow the user to select multiple options for each item. By default if specific items are not selected for a specific criteria, MVA will assume you want ALL for that criteria.

Once search critera has been defined, when the user clicks Search, results for all tickets meeting the criteria will display in the right window pane. Users can Select all (by checking the box to the left of the ticket number) or selected tickets for updating of information.

Each ticket meeting the criteria will also include the patient name, date of service, visit owner, visit status, insurance balance, patient balance, and deposit.

MVA allows the following fields for selected visits to be updated:

Visit Status

Visit Owner

Visit Description (update text field)

Correspondence Note

(other options may be available for customization)

The Update Type drop down box allows users to Append, Prepend, or Replace the text in the Visit Description field to the check marked tickets.

Once selected update criteria is entered and selected tickets are check marked, the user clicks on Apply and the change will be made to all tickets identified.