Mass Fax
For Centricity® CPS / athenaPractice™

Summit Software Technologies is now offering Mass Fax for Centricity CPS / athenaPractice™ / Biscom customers to easily select a .PDF document to be faxed in “mass” to referring providers within the Centricity database.  Mass Fax is an easy way to keep your referring provider base informed of updates with your organization including modified hours, welcoming new providers to your organization, and other important information.

How It Works

Mass Fax utilizies your current Biscom solution as the faxing agent.

  • Create the database connection to Centricity CPS / athenaPractice
  • Create the Biscom connection
  • Search and import the PDF to send to fax recipients
  • View the Schedule of runs
  • Provider types to search from Centricity CPS / athenaPractice
  • Option to only send to unique fax numbers
  • Import / Export custom fax recipient list
  • Manually add a fax recipient to list
  • Schedule the time for the mass fax to be sent (select from calendar)

Fax Setup – Details

Fax Queue  – Define Biscom Fax Que

Fax User – Biscom fax user 

Convert Option – only required for CV Version of Biscom

Pending Queue Limit – maximum number of faxes you wish to be placed in the Biscom fax queue at one time (to ensure you are not overloading Biscom)

Faxes Per Run – How many recipents will be loaded into Biscom per time Mass Fax Runs

Send From, Phone, Fax, Memo – This is the information that will be filled in the coversheet if the Biscom Fax user has one set up to it