Magic Fax for GE Centricity®

Magic Fax is designed to automate the generation of documents to be faxed via Biscom once a provider has signed documents. Magic Fax will queue up all documents with signature dates from the current date (or date prior depending on setup) and fax the documents during a pre-determined time in the Magic Fax worker. Once faxes have been processed by Biscom, successful faxes will generate a fax confirmation which will be stored in the Fax Status folder of the patient chart. Failed faxes will generate a Flag which will be sent to a user within Centricity including the error message from Biscom.


1) Configure Magic Fax to work with the Biscom Fax Server

2) Configure and License Magic Fax to the GE Centricity CPS Database

3) Option to include attachments with fax; also a test mode option during implementation

4) Set the time each day Magic Fax will run and generate documents to be faxed via Biscom

5) Identify Document Types to be auto-faxed by Magic Fax

6) Job Titles for recognition of Final Signature

7) Check option and identify fax number for testing

8) Option to reschedule all faxes from a previous day (in event of system outage)

Fax Recipients

By default, Magic Fax will fax signed documents to the following any of the following based on the configuration:

1) Referring Physician listed in Patient Registration

2) Primary Care Physician listed in Patient Registration

3) Additional Contact Types identified where applicable (ie work comp)

a. requires additional configuration

4) Specific OBSTERMS used in CPS to capture fax recipient

a. requires additional configuration

Additional configuration of fax recipients is available based on suggested workflows by customers.

Magic Fax can also be configured to prevent faxes from being sent to specific fax numbers (ie the customers fax numbers) in situations where customer providers are listed as Referring or Primary Care physician within Patient Registration.

Fax Confirmations

Magic Fax will create a Fax Status confirmation within the Patient Chart for each successful fax sent via Biscom.

Magic Fax will create a Flag within GE Centricity CPS for each fax sent from Biscom via Magic Fax which fails upon transmission. The default Flag recipient is the Fax Status user. However, different recipients can receive failed Flags including different recipients based on Location of Care.

Magic Fax also creates a daily log of fax activity. The log files reside within the Magic Fax directory on the server where Magic Fax is installed. Summit strongly recommends frequent review of Magic Fax log files.

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Ceretha Rucker April 17, 2012

Interested in learning more about the MFB feature with CPS10 – cost, workflow revisions, etc.

Ceretha Rucker
Brain & Neurospine Clinic of MO
573-339-1957 Ext 147

    Summit August 12, 2012

    Magic Fax is now available for both GE Centricity CPS and GE Centricity EMR. Call today.

      Cindy Logan May 24, 2013

      One of our CPS clients has requested that we add the Magic Fax application to CPS for him. Please send product specs, integration info, and pricing. Thank you.

Kathy Anderson April 18, 2012

Can you tell me if the Magic Fax Button would help our problem with the fax numbers having to be manually entered in EMR for referring and PCP’s. We are on 9.5 and do not use the combined product and have to re-enter all fax #’s in EMR. All information comes from CPS except the fax #. Thanks – Kathy

Peggy Robinson June 21, 2012

I want this program for our 15 physician orthopaedic practice. Is pricing available yet? Willing to be a test site.

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