Late Fee Assigner For Centricity® CPS / athenaPractice™

Late Fee Assigner is an automated solution to charge patients a late fee once a patient balance has reached a certain number of days old based on the aging of accounts in GE Centricity into a visit status of Collections.

Late Fee Assigner will monitor patient tickets that move to a visit status of Collections to determine when to start charging the late fee. For each subsequent 30 day period the patient has an outstanding balance in a visit status of Collections, the custom solution will add an additional late fee charge until the amount is paid in full. The late fee charge will be applied to the ticket with the oldest date of service with an outstanding patient balance during each 30 day cycle.

The Late Fee will be added to each ticket using a specific batch name beginning with “Late Fee” and date the date the charge is entered into the system (determined by the batch entry date).

Patients which have a Collections Status in GE Centricity of Payment Plan (or other name to be determined by Client) will not incur the Late Fee charge.