Inventory Management System for  Centricity® CPS / athenaPractice™


Login and Security

Security for the Inventory Management System is integrated into Active Directory (authentication) and athenaPractice (security by Location of Care).  Users that login to the system will only have access to inventory information for the Location(s) of Care the user is assigned to within athenaPractice.

Main Page Screen Shot

The Main Page drop down (located in the top left) provides access to different areas of the system.

Inventory Management

Users can search for a master inventory item by Manufacturer, Drug Name, or NDC and all matching records will appear.


Selecting a record will allow the user to identify reorder points by Location of Care.

  • 1) Identify the reorder quantity
  • 2) Identify the unit of measure for injection
  • 3) Identify the location of care to apply reorder
  • 4) Current list of reorder points by Location of Care for selected inventory item.

Inv. Management

  • 1) Search inventory for items falling within an Expiration Date Range
  • 2) Search by RX Id
  • 3) Search by Location of Care
  • 4) Search by NDC
  • 5) Search by Manufacturer
  • 6) Search by Drug Name
  • 7) Search by Lot #
  • 8) Add an inventory item

Inventory Item Details

  • 1) Details of inventory item
  • 2) Manage inventory items between Location of Care and Spoilage
  • 3) Detailed inventory information of item selected from search results
  • 4) Print 2D barcodes to be placed on vials
  • 5) Barcode preview

Manage Inventory Tab

  • 1) Determine action item to adjust inventory level
  • 2) View History of all inventory adjustments and movement
  • 3) If transfering inventory between Locations of Care, identify new Location of Care and Quantity transferred
  • 4) Notation as to why change is being made (required field with at least 10 characters)
  • 5) Confirm inventory adjustment


Active Alerts

Active Alerts is one of the menu items a user can select.  Active Alerts will display all inventory items which are at or below the defined reorder point.  Users will only see the reorder points for inventory levels at their specific Location of Care. Users can also click on the quick link icon to view active alerts.



  • 1) Activity date range
  • 2) User
  • 3) Type of Action taken
  • 4) Location of Care
  • 5) Manfufacturer
  • 6) Drug Name
  • 7) Export results to Microsoft Excel


Immunization Administration Form

From the patient chart, Click Add and select the SummitSoftech folder then select the Immunization Form.

Select RX Group from listing

Enter or scan the barcode data from the Inventory System

  • 1) Scan or manually enter the ID number from the barcode on the vial/injection
  • 2) Click retrieve to pull data from V20 and Inventory Management System
  • 2a) Retrieve Barcode Data will populate the Manufacturer, NDC, Lot #, and Expiration Date

Complete the remainder of form and click Done.  Process will then adjust inventory levels based on the Location of Care.