Follow-Up System For Centricity® CPS / athenaPractice™

The Follow Up System provides users with a system based approach to track and monitor follow up (tickler) on specific visits/tickets as well as specific patients. The Follow Up System is designed to assist users in tracking a variety of items through to Completion.

Follow Up items can be created from a visit/ticket or a patient.



Follow Up allows users to create multiple follow up action items at the ticket level.

1) User clicks on Follow Up Item button which will launch the Follow Up system.

2) User can click Edit to update an existing Follow Up item

3) User can click Add New to add a new Follow Up item to the ticket

1) Patient Name

2) Patient ID from GE Centricity CPS

3) Primary Phone

4) Secondary Phone

5) Follow Up Date (Tickler Due Date)

6) User creating Follow Up

7) Number of calls made (if applicable)

8) Visit/Ticket Date of Service

9) Time Message it taken (if applicable)

10) Visit/Ticket Provider

11) Check mark when Follow Up Completed

12) Completed Date (auto-fill when Completed)

13) Assign Follow Up to User (defaults to user creating Follow Up)

14) Visit/Ticket Follow Up generated from

15) Visit / Ticket – update Visit Owner

16) Visit / Ticket – update Claim Status

17) Visit / Ticket – Update Visit Status

18) Visit / Ticket – update Visit Description

19) Visit / Ticket – update Correspondence Note

20) Add Note(s) to Follow Up (Notes also logged in Correspondence on the visit/ticket)

21) Follow up date/user stamp of historic data

Follow Up items launched from a Visit/Ticket will create a Correspondence Note automatically notating the date, user, due date of Follow Up, and initial Note.



1) Click on Follow Up Item link to create a new general Follow Up item for patient.

2) Click Follow Up 3 to view a listing of all follow up items for the patient.

Follow Up also allows users to search for open/closed Follow Up items created by the user. Users with Admin privileges have the capability of seeing Follow Up items for all users.