Fee Schedule Importer for Virence Centricity®

Fee Schedule Importer is designed for a simple, efficient method of importing fee schedules into Virence (formerly GE) Centricity.  Simply setup a new fee schedule as normally would in your Centricity Software. and choose that fee schedule to import into from the Fee Importer

Fee Schedule Importer RVU Examples

Create an RVU Fee Schedule Name within Virence Centricity CPS – Set the Calculate based on to RVU for Fee and Allowed:

Sample Spreadsheet can include CPT Code, RVU Value, Fee Conversion Factor, and Allowed Conversion Factor

Fee Schedule Importer – Mapping Values

Procedure View after Import (sample = 99213)

Centricity will multiply the RVU values times the Conv. Factor to determine the Fee and Allowed amounts for the CPT code.