Fee Schedule Importer for GE Centricity®

Fee Schedule Importer is designed for a simple, efficient method of importing fee schedules into GE Centricity.  Simply setup a new fee schedule as normally would in your Centricity Software. and choose that fee schedule to import into from the Fee Importer

Fee Schedule Importer RVU Examples

Create an RVU Fee Schedule Name within GE Centricity CPS – Set the Calculate based on to RVU for Fee and Allowed:

Sample Spreadsheet can include CPT Code, RVU Value, Fee Conversion Factor, and Allowed Conversion Factor

Fee Schedule Importer – Mapping Values

Procedure View after Import (sample = 99213)

Centricity will multiply the RVU values times the Conv. Factor to determine the Fee and Allowed amounts for the CPT code.

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Dave Ottman April 9, 2012

Would like to get pricing on the Fee Schedule Importer for GE Centricity.

    Eric Whicker May 14, 2012

    Dave did anyone get back with you on this request? Thanks

Sandy Collier April 24, 2012

interested in the Fee schedule updater

Sashin Kumarasinghe June 11, 2012

Would like the pricing on the Fee schedule importer.
Is this an approved software by final support for use of centricity practice solutions version 10 (CPS10).
Details of how the application would have to be used with CPS10.
What format would the fee schedules files need to be in on Excel. (Column Naming, etc).
Thank you.

Linda Keith May 24, 2013

We just signed the contracts for CPS PM so will be starting the implementation soon. I would like to get more information on your fee schedule updater as well as your refund check solution and automated collections.

Thank you,
Linda Keith
West Texas Medical Assoc

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