eDOC for For athenaONE / athenaPractice™

eDOC for athenahealth (formerly GE) Centricity CPS 12 – Multi-Summary Format Version

eDOC Multi-Summary Format Version provides eDOC users with the ability to select a different summary views of eDOC information based on provider preference.


1) Define number of days past appointments to synchronize

2) Define number of days future appointments to synchronize

3) Synchronization interval between Virence Centricity and Microsoft Exchange Server (Summit recommends a sync interval between 15 – 20 minutes)

4) Hours of day eDOC is scheduled to run

5) Configuration to GE Centricity Database

6) Configuration to Microsoft Exchange Server

7) Selection Provider from Schedule drop down and enter corresponding Microsoft Exchange Server email address.

8) Selection Summary Display Type (samples on following pages)

Important – Prior to making any changes in the eDOC Configuration, you must END the Task Scheduler for the eDOC application. Once changes have been made, you must click RUN to start the Task.

Display Type Samples

Facility, Pt Name, Appt Type

Pt Name, Appt Type, Facility

Facility, Pt ID, Patient Name, Appt Type