DocuBatch Pro For Centricity® CPS / athenaPractice™

  • Select the patient.
  • Select Location of Care- by default the All Locations box is check marked to pull all locations of care.
  • Select a service date range – by default the All Dates box is check marked to pull all documents. To select a specific date range, uncheck All Dates and enter the Date From and Date To dates and click Pull Documents
  • Search for specific Document Types (including Registration Attachments). When Order Mode is checked, any documents associated to the Order selected will be included.

NOTE:  For any documents that are confidential in nature, the check box Pull Confidential must be checked and a reason specified for accessing the protected information.

  • Select Pull Documents to list documents matching selected criteria.
  • The user can select all documents or multi-select documents to be faxed/saved.
  • Users may preview documents/attachments by highlighting document and selecting either Preview Document or Preview Attachment button.
  • Select Add Documents to add selected documents to Document Management tab.


Document Management

  • Documents selected from Document Search tab will appear in listing.

Select Add File to add other documents not located within Centricity to fax queue.

  • Select Up/Down to move documents up or down the listing in the order as to be faxed. Select Remove to remove document from listing.
  • Select Full Document Preview to view all documents on listing as it will appear in fax queue.



  • Contacts for the patient selected will populate in this box. Identify fax recipient(s) by highlighting name.
  • Select Add Contact to add highlighted contact over to Fax Recipient box. Remove any fax recipient by highlighting name and selecting Remove.
  • To add other fax recipients that are not in Contacts, click the ellipse (…) button next to the Name field, this will allow the user to search and select a physician or service provider currently in Centricity.

Create / Update Faxbook Groups

DocuBatch allows users to create Faxbooks for DocuBatch use only.

Click on the … (ellipse) Button to create and modify Faxbooks.

  • Drop down will display all FaxBooks created
  • Based on selected Faxbook from dropdown (1) users can add an additional fax recipient to the Faxbook.
  • Based on selected Faxbook from dropdown (1) users can remove a fax recipient from the Faxbook.
  • Edit FaxBook Groups allows users to create/remove additional Faxbook Groups from the system.

To add an existing Referring or Service Provider already setup in Centricity to a FaxBook, simply select the provider from the search list and click Add Selected to add the provider to the selected FaxBook

Once Fax Recipients are selected, the options of Fax Documents/ Save Documents/Print Documents are available.

Fax Documents

User will click the Fax Documents button and documents will be faxed via Biscom Fax Server.  To view current faxes in the queue for a user, the user may click the View User Queue button next to the Fax Documents button.

Save Documents

The documents may be saved to a specific file location. Users that wish to save documents need to follow the steps below:

  • Browse to the location where the files will be saved.
  • Click on Save Documents to save the selected documents.
  • User may click Combine Documents to combine all documents into one .pdf file.

Print Documents

Select Print Documents to instantly print selected documents to a local printer.