DocuBatch Pro for athenahealth Centricity®

1) Select the patient

2) Contacts for the patient selected will populate in this box.

3) Identifies fax recipient(s)

4) Add other fax recipients that are not in Contacts. Clicking the elipse (…) button next to the Name field will allow the user to search and select a physician or service provider currently in Centricity.

5) Search for specific Document Types (including Registration Attachments)

6) Select a service date range – by default the All Dates box is check marked to pull all documents. To select a specific date range, uncheck All Dates and enter the Date From and Date To dates and click Pull Documents

7) List of documents meeting the criteria based on the Document Type and date range selected. The user can select all documents or selected documents to be faxed/saved.

8) By default, Fax Documents is check marked. If the user unchecks this option, the documents may be saved to a specific file location (next page).

9) Once documents have been selected, the user will click the Fax Documents button and documents will be faxed via Biscom Fax Server. To view current faxes in the queue for a user, the user may click the View User Queue button next to the Fax Documents button.

Users that wish to save documents need to follow the steps below:

1) Uncheck the Fax Documents option.

2) Browse to the location where the files will be saved.

Click on Save Documents to save the selected documents.