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You’ve already chosen a powerful software tool for your practice, so make sure you’re using it to the fullest. Systems based, add-on solutions from Summit Software Technologies enhance the efficiency of your workflow, ultimately saving time and money.

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New Release - RecoverDOC for Virence Centricity CPS

Just Released - Newly Updated and Enhanced Schedule Tracker for Virence Centricity GPS

New Release - Ticket Merger for Virence Centricity CPS

New Release - Chart Complete Notification for Virence Centricity CPS

Clinical Add-On Solutions

RecoverDOC (NEW)

Continue seeing patients in the event a facility can no longer access Virence Centricity due to a system failure

Magic Fax

Magic Fax Button (MFB) allows users of Virence Centricity® to fax documents to referring physicians through an automated process.

Chart Complete Notify

An automated chart completion notification system for for Virence Centricity® practice management systems

Health Maint Reminders

HMRS for Virence Centricity® displays Patient Info screen side by side with health maintenance reminders.

DocuBatch Pro

DocuBarch Pro Easily create a batch of Virence Centricity® patient documents to be faxed via Biscom.

Appointment Follow-Up 

Appointment Follow Up for Virence Centricity® provides for system based approach to track and monitor follow up

Clinical Quick Sign (CQS)

CQS interfaces with Virence Centricity® CPS allowing providers the ability to efficiently sign multiple documents at one time.

Referral Tracker (NEW)

Automatically generate a Care Alert Flag based on the association of the External Provider / Internal Provider

Scheduling Add-On Solutions


eDOC for Virence Centricity® allows providers to view their patient schedules within Microsoft Outlook/Exchange and other Mobile Devices

Schedule Tracker (NEW)

Schedule Tracker for Virence Centricity® provides the ability to identify how long a patient has been in a specific Appointment Status

Audit Dashboard

Registration & Financial Audit Dashboard measures the effectiveness of your front desk staff in Virence Centricity®.

Eligibility Parser

Easier view of eligibility data once eligibility has been run on a patient within Virence Centricity® Patient Registration

Secondary Payor

Capture Medicare Secondary Payor Information Electronically within Virence Centricity® Patient Registration

Vital Works Notification

Vital Works is a utility which will allow users to place notifications within Virence Centricity® CPS.

Business Add-On Solutions

Write Off +Audit (NEW)

Write Off Automation & Audit Tool for Virence Centricity® allows practices to automate write offs and provide audit capabilities within CPS

Conveyance Manager

Auto Conveyance for Virence Centricity® allows practices to automatically convey any patient credit balances to open balances

Refund Exporter

Refund Exporter for Virence Centricity® now allows you to completely automates the ENTIRE refund process within your Centricity®.

Automated Collections

Automated Collection System is an automated process within Virence Centricity® for the handling of guarantor collections

Patient AutoPost

Patient AutoPost interfaces to Virence Centricity® and performs auto posting payments within Centricity®.

Patient Estimator

System determines the appropriate fee schedule in CPS, allowed totals in CPS, total procedure/surgery cost,

Fee Schedule Importer

The easiest tool on the market to update fee schedule values for Virence Centricity® Find out just how easy it can be

Fee Schedule Assigner

The easiest tool on the market to update fee schedule assignments to the Responsible Providers in Virence Centricity®

RVU Importer

RVU Importer easily allows for Virence Centricity® Practices to manage/update RVU values at the Procedure Code Level

Multi-Visit Action

Multi-Visit Action allows Virence Centricity® users to make a mass adjustment to multiple tickets for a patient

Third Party Exporter

TPE for Virence Centricity® allows users to identify visits ready to be written off and turned for external collections

Follow-Up System

Follow Up System for Virence Centricity® provides the practice with a system based approach to track and monitor follow up 

Late Fee Assessor

An automated solution to charge patients a late fee for Virence Centricity® once a patient balance has reached a certain aging

Follow My Bad Debt

An automated solution for Virence Centricity CPS® Bad Debt Collections tracking via Follow My Bad Debt 


Cloud-based patient payment application using communication and payment options between you and your patients

Debi Mitchell Children’s Orthopaedic and Scoliosis Surgery Assoc

“Summit Software products fill gaps where our PM/EMR stops, and the productivity gains make for a very quick return on investment.”

Mike Zavolas Tallahassee Neurological Clinic

“My doctors are much more productive.”

What Sets Us Apart

We utilize the latest in information technology to provide specialized enhancements to the Virence (formerly GE) Centricity Product Line and custom software applications for out clients. We are a business solutions provider.

We solve business problems with a unique blend of talent, ingenuity, and personal service and recognize that customers deserve service they can depend on into the future. We are committed to establishing long term relationships with our clients.

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Practice Consulting Services

We have over 15 years experience in working with Virence (formerly GE) Centricity® and provides a variety of services, like Operational Analysis and Revenue Cycle Management. Bring your practice to the next level and call today to find out what we can do for you.

Operational Analysis – Summit has the expertise to evaluate a practices current Virence Centricity® workflow processes and recommend improvements

Revenue Cycle Management – Summit can review the practices current utilization of Virence Centricity® and suggest enhancements which may lead to increased reimbursement while reducing costs.