athenahealth (formerly GE) Centricity® Solution

You’ve already chosen a powerful software tool for your practice, so make sure you’re using it to the fullest. Systems based, add-on solutions from Summit Software Technologies enhance the efficiency of your workflow, ultimately saving time and money.

Clinical Add-On Solutions


Continue seeing patients in the event a facility can no longer access athenahealth Centricity® due to a system failure

Magic Fax

MFB allows users of athenahealth Centricity® to fax documents to referring physicians by an automated process.

Chart Complete Notify

An automated chart completion notification system for for athenahealth Centricity® practice management systems

Health Maint Reminders

HMRS for athenahealth Centricity® displays Patient Info screen side by side with health reminders

DocuBatch Pro

DocuBarch Pro Easily create a batch of athenahealth Centricity® patient documents to be faxed via Biscom.

Appointment Follow-Up

AFU for athenahealth Centricity® provides for a system approach to monitor follow up

Clinical Quick Sign

CQS interfaces with athenahealth Centricity® CQS allowing providers the ability to efficiently sign multiple documents at one time

Referral Tracker

Generate a Care Alert Flag based on the association of the External/Internal Provider in athenahealth Centricity® 

Scheduling Add-On Solutions


eDOC for athenahealth Centricity® allows providers to view their patient schedules within  Outlook/Exchange and other Mobile Devices

Schedule Tracker

Schedule Tracker for athenahealth Centricity® provides the ability to identify how long a patient has been in a specific Appointment Status

Audit Dashboard

Registration & Financial Audit Dashboard measures the effectiveness of your front desk staff in athenahealth Centricity®

Eligibility Parser

Easier view of eligibility data once eligibility has been run on a patient within athenahealth Centricity® 

Secondary Payor

Capture Medicare Secondary Payor Information Electronically within athenahealth Centricity® 

Vital Bits Notification

Vital Bits is a utility which will allow users to place notifications within athenahealth Centricity® 

Business Add-On Solutions

Write Off +Audit

Write Off Automation & Audit Tool for athenahealth Centricity® allows practices to automate write offs and provide audit capabilities

Conveyance Manager

Auto Conveyance for athenahealth Centricity® allows practices to automatically convey any patient credit balances to open balances

Refund Exporter

RE for athenahealth Centricity® now allows you to completely automates the ENTIRE refund process within your Centricity®.

Automated Collections

Automated Collection System is an automated process within athenahealth Centricity® for the handling of guarantor collections

Patient AutoPost

Patient AutoPost interfaces to athenahealth Centricity® and performs auto posting payments within Centricity®.

Patient Estimator

System determines the appropriate fee schedule in athenahealth Centricity®, allowed totals, total procedure/surgery cost

Fee Schedule Importer

The easiest tool on the market to update fee schedule values for athenahealth Centricity® Find out just how easy it can be

Fee Schedule Assigner

The easiest tool on the market to update fee schedule assignments to the Responsible Providers in athenahealth Centricity®

RVU Importer

RVU Importer easily allows for athenahealth Centricity® Practices to manage/update RVU values at the Procedure Code Level

Multi-Visit Action

Multi-Visit Action allows athenahealth Centricity® users to make a mass adjustment to multiple tickets for a patient

Third Party Exporter

TPE for athenahealth Centricity® allows users to identify visits ready to be written off and turned for external collections

Follow-Up System

Follow Up System for athenahealth Centricity® provides the practice with a system based approach to track and monitor follow up 

Late Fee Assessor

An automated solution to charge patients a late fee for athenahealth Centricity® once a patient balance has reached a certain aging

Follow My Bad Debt

An automated solution for athenahealth Centricity® Bad Debt Collections tracking via Follow My Bad Debt 


Cloud patient payment for athenahealth Centricity® using communication and payment options

Practice Consulting Services

What we can do for you

We have over 20 years experience in working with athenahealth (formerly GE) Centricity® and provides a variety of services. Bring your practice to the next level and  find out what we can do for you.

Operational Analysis

Summit has the expertise to evaluate a practices current athenahealth Centricity® workflow processes and recommend improvements

Revenue Cycle Management

Summit can review the practices current utilization of athenahealth Centricity® and suggest enhancements which may lead to increased reimbursement while reducing costs.

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